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I am an award-winning contemporary realist painter and member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists. Born 1969 in Devon and originally an illustrator, I now live and paint near the city of Worcester with my family.

I paint from life in natural light and enjoy the challenge of this approach to realism. With much consideration I endeavour to distil layers of observation and perception into my work, reflecting on nature and exploring themes such as beauty, mystery and transience.

With painting there are many aspects that capture the imagination and ignite a sense of wonder, in particular for me are the alchemical possibilities. Simple commonplace objects can take on greater significance, their humble presence perceived within a larger unknowable context. The objects represent themselves and yet so much more, the subject becomes a portal and we are transported to where beauty and meaning are encountered within. 

My paintings have been selected for many prestigious open exhibitions and competitions, receiving a number of prizes. Most notably an Arcadia Contemporary Award from the 2016 ARC Salon and an Alfred Daniels Award from the Royal Society of British Artists 300th Open Exhibition. In July this year I was honoured to be made an Associate Living Master by the Art Renewal Center.

Click the link to visit a gallery of my work on the ARC website: - ARC gallery

~ List of exhibitions and awards etc

~ Gallery of early work - from Pop Surrealism to landscapes

Paintings are available to buy direct from the studio and I ship them world-wide. Commissions are readily accepted, and with PayPal this has never been so easy or stress free. Send me an email and I will be more than happy to try and match you with a painting, just let me know what you like! ~

I also have a selection of paintings available to buy from The Doorway Gallery in Dublin, Ireland.

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